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TCLP Test of E-waste Components

Dynamic Leaching Test of E-waste Components

Landfill Simulation Test

Biotoxicity Test of Materials in Crystal Liquid Displays

Treatment of E-waste for Safe Disposal



Dynamic Leaching Test

A long-term dynamic leaching test (DLT) is employed to study the leaching mechanism and to evaluate the potential leaching hazards of various E-waste components under landfill conditions. The samples include the PC motherboards, hard disk drives, floppy disk drives, CD/DVD drives, power supply units, and cell phones.

In the test, a specimen―for instance a whole piece of motherboard - is cleaned of dirt and rinsed by deionized water, then placed in a test container on top of the supports built inside the container. The container are filled with two types of leaching fluids: one is the extraction fluid #1 for the U.S. EPA's toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (TCLP) and the other is the extraction fluid #1 for the U.S. EPA's synthetic precipitation leaching procedure (SPLP). The liquid-to-solid ratio of 10:1 on weight basis is used.  Leaching cycles of 3 to 10 days were used. After each leaching cycle, the leaching fluid is renewed by the fresh one and analyzed for different toxic constituents.


Example of Physical Change of E-waste Samples in the DLT Test






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