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TCLP Test of E-waste Components

Dynamic Leaching Test of E-waste Components

Landfill Simulation Test

Biotoxicity Test of Materials in Crystal Liquid Displays

Treatment of E-waste for Safe Disposal



Simulated Landfill Column Experiment

This experiment was designed to study the leachablity of toxic substances of obsolete PCs and CRTs in TVs and computer monitors under landfill conditions. Five simulated sanitary landfill columns were constructed. One column was the control in which only MSW was loaded; two columns were loaded with both MSW and used PCs at 5% and 10% contents of PCs on weight basis; and the other two columns were loaded with MSW and CRTs at 5% and 10% contents of CRTs. The PCs and CRTs were buried in the MSW layer near the gravel drainage layer. The PCs contained everything in a PC tower or box except the steel housing. They were compacted along with the MSW. The CRTs were smashed inside the columns and compacted with MSW to simulate the actual landfill situation.

Water is added to the top each week to simulate precipitations in a relatively wet region in the U.S. The leachate is collected in from the bottoms periodically for analysis. The parameters that are analyzed in the samples include 5-day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5), total organic carbon (TOC), pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), and heavy metals that could leach out from the PCs an CRTs.





               Landfill simulation Columns                             PC components packed in the column